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Menu of Services:


Every massage is customized to suit your body's specific needs at that point in time. A gentle, soothing, relaxation session to a vigorous, muscle-rejuvenating treatment. Elements of Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and trigger point are just some of the modalities that may be brought to your personalized massage.


Points on the hands, ears, and feet are worked to bring deep relaxation, relief, and balance to every system of the body. Your session is customized to meet your specific needs and includes a blissfully thorough hand and foot massage.


Cleansing, balancing, and alignment of the body's energetic systems, the chakras, and the aura. Quartz crystals and personalized affirmations are used to focud the intent of the session to best meet your specific needs and goals.

Pricing for Above:

30 min. --- $45

45 min. --- $60

60 min. --- $70

75 min. --- $85

90 min. --- $95

(Any combination of the above can be blended into your treatment time for a customized wellness session.)

Ultimate Moisture Body Wrap:

Begins with an exfoliating dry brush treatment ans steamy, essential oil infused towels to prepare the skin for a heavenly shea butter, soy, and beeswax warming masque. Relax in a cocoon of heated blankets for a stress-relieving head and face massage. Concludes with soothing effleurage massage techniques for intense hydration and glowing results. Includes a take-home body brush. 80 min. --- $95

Thermasoft Hot Moisture treat:

Shea butter, beeswax, and soy serum provide deep heat therapy to hydrate, renew, and promote joint comfort. Delivered in a sanitary, single-use system. Your neck and shoulders recieve soothing massage as all-natural, non-petroleum "soyaffin" works it's magic.

Hand Treat with arm & hand massage -- $30

Foot Treat with leg and foot massage --- $30

Enjoy! Complete Hand and Foot Treat -- $53

Corporate Chair Massage:

On-Site or In-House

Enjoy a vigorous, seated chair massage to relieve stress and invigorate muscles! Great after a hard day at the office. A morale-boosting gift for your employees.

10 to 30 min. appt. -- $1 per min.

Treatment Extras:

Add one or more of the following to your bodywork session to create a customized wellness experience!

Heated Massage Table

Soothing heat penetrates your muscles and wraps you in comfort to take you to an even deeper level of relaxation. -- Complimentaty....Enjoy!

Herbal Tea Moist Eye Compress

Chamomile and lavender flowers provide soothing relief. Delivered cool for puffy, irr itated eyes, or warm for dry, tired eyes. --- $8

Dry Brush Body Treatment:

Natural bristle brush strokes gently stimulate and exfoliate the skin. Increases blood circulation and the flow of lymph throughout the body, boosting immunity. Adds approx. 15 min to treatment time and includes a take-home brush. --- $20

Thermasoft Hot Moisture Treat:

Hand Treat --- $15. Foot Treat ---- $15. Hand & Foot -- $25

Chakra Energy Balancing:

Try a taste of Polarity! Quartz crystals are used to clean, clear, and re-align your body's energetic systems. Especially beneficial when you're feeling exhausted, stressed, or blue. Adds approximately 20 min. to your treatment time. --- $25

Foot Reflexology:

Eliminate toxins and rebalance all areas, organs, and systems of the body via precise compressions to specific locations on the feet. --- Adds approx.. 15 min to your treatment time. --- $20

Value Packages:

Enjoy more of a good thing!


Restore and renew from head to toes. Includes Herbal Tea Moist Eye Compress, Full Body Dry Brush Treatment, Thermasoft Hot Moisture Treat for both hands and feet, and 90 minutes of your choice of Bodywork: Massage, reflexology, and/or Polarity. You will emerge transformed!

Please allow approximately 2 hours ---$140

Sole Salvation

A retreat for overworked feet! Relax on the massage table as tired feet receive a cooling, minty cleanse followed by an exfoliating buff to boost circulation. Reflexology techniques restore energy and balance . Feet are then wrapped with a hydrating, aromatic clay masque, providing a fresh, restorative sensation. Treatment is concluded with a deep, soothing massage from knee to toe with a rich essential oil balm. In cold weather Winter's Sole Salvation takes precedence. Relax on the heated massage table as tired, chilly feet receive a hot towel cleanse and exfoliation followed by a deeply hydrating, aromatic warming masque. Treatment is concluded with thorough massage and reflexology techniques employing a rich, moisturizing balm.

Allow approximately 1 hour, 20 min. ---$90

Treat yourself and save! Add a 60 min. massage to this service for only --- $145 total

A Private Escape

A comprehensive pre-treatment phone consultation will determine the focus of your special time. The treatment room is energetically cleared and aligned for your session and includes customized Massage, personalized aromatherapy and affirmations, and elements of Reflexology and Polarity. Full cleansing of the chakras and aura utilizing quartz crystals then brings you to the very highest level of balance and alignment for your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Please allow approximately 2 hours. ---$135